Sound of Jura presents

20 July 2013 Jura Hall. Doors 20:00 - concert finish 22:40. Licensed Bar


from Inverness, were a big hit at this year's GoNorth, with a great set at the renowned Hootenanny's venue. Their debut single 'All the Way' has been greeted with plenty of very happy noises from all over the blogosphere and Sound of Jura is delighted to be able to pluck them from the far north and bring to the wonder that is the famous Jura craic.

We'll assume that you're not a Duirach, for a just a second, and that you therefore do not know just what significant figures Craig Rozga & Neil Gow are in the island's vibrant music scene. With influences that pull in Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams, not bad we think, they are a Jura treat for sure, and this will be a great chance to hear just what great music this wee island is capable of producing.

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The Jura Passenger Ferry  offers a 10 discount on the return trip from Tayvallich to Craighouse for anyone staying over a concert weekend who holds an advance ticket for the concert. Contact Nicol on or +44 7768 450000

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Jura Island Tours offers transport to and from the concert from Feolin Ferry for people with concert tickets coming from Islay for the evening. The return trip from Feolin Ferry to Craighouse costs 10 and connects with the bookable late sailing to Islay*.
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All offers are strictly 'first come first served'.

*You need to book the Islay/Jura Ferry yourself on +44 1496 840 681. It returns to Islay

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