The Studio

Have a look inside the studio here

Giles Perring has collaborated on a number of multimedia projects with photgraphic artist Douglas Cape of z360. Douglas is a noted maker of panoramic images, as you'll see if you visit his website at www.z360.com. One of the pieces of work you'll find there is the web based 'broadband drama' What We Will, which Douglas and Giles created in 2001 with John Cayley using Apple's QTVR technology and a sadly obsolete audio embedding technology called SoundsaVR.  The piece has stood the test of time and we manage to keep it working despite Apple's constant tinkering with Quicktime.  It's all about loops, in sound, in photos, in language and in time.

Meanwhile in 2011, Douglas visited Sound of Jura and made some great images of the studio, catching its atmosphere and showing Giles at work.