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An island studio with a distinctive and creative approach to music and sound. Named after the seascape it overlooks, Sound Of Jura is located in an old school built on Lowlandman’s Bay on the Isle Of Jura. [map]

At Sound of Jura musician and producer Giles Perring continues to develop his distinctive sound and approach to recording.  His style has developed over 30 years working in diverse projects ranging from rock to contemporary classical music, electronica to free jazz, sound design to world music. Acclaimed for his cinematic approach to music and sound Giles' work includes sonic sculpture with Echo City, musique concrete with Unmen and TV and film production music for the Extreme Music Library.

Through Sound of Jura Giles offers his production skills to composers, songwriters and creative people of every stripe who want to tap into his facilitative and aesthetic approach to production.

Some Sound of Jura Productions

Clients whose work has been realised and released from the studio include Something Secret, Karl Culley, Albert Kuvezin and Yat Kha, Corn Potato String Band, Brigada Mercy, Aline Frazo, Mekons, Liverpool Everyman Theatre, BBC Radio Drama, London Tricycle Theatre, Takula, Moiizah, XA Music Library, Islay Gaelic Choir, Echo City

Meanwhile live events to have been created from here include the Sound of Jura presents... concert series, Tip of The Tongue/Barr Mo Theanga Festival, Tall Ships Finale Stavanger.

The studio is the place that most of the work for our sister business XA Music takes places as well, and you can look at the label/publishing stuff at

Aline Frazo and Mekons put these 'Making Of' videos together, and Giles Perring does a tune in a bunch of single takes to video, and Corn Potato String Band do a tune, a workshop and a gig.

Sound of Jura studio equipment

With an apprenticeship that goes back to recording in converted barns and halls in Cornwall and Devon in the late 70s, Giles has prided himself on a recording approach that remains true to the spirit of improvisation and techniques acquired through colloboration with some of the true mavericks of British recording. Starting with a tenet that a recording studio is basically a room with a sound and some kind of power supply, and then everything else is frills, Giles' craft developed though working with tape and early sampling, and a musical journey that has always looked for new sound. The studio reflects this. It's an 80 sq.m room overlooking the bay, with a wonderful natural acoustic, large enough for a group of players to stretch out and, er...'really explore the space'. The studio is ideal for recording acoustic music, but Giles' heritage as an electric musician also means that there is are some choice and characterful vintage guitars - Hfner, Fender, Milner being favourites, and classic amps from Selmer, Watkins, Session and SWR. There is a 60s Hayman drum kit, lovingly restored by Van der Graaf drummer Guy Evans, and a wealth of signature, unusual percussion that reflects Giles' long history with the sonic sculpture group Echo City. There is a Steck Pianola, which Yorkshire Pianos keep in tune for us, a vintage Hohner Pianet, a Yamaha CS5, and some other synth sources as well as our Mason & Hamlin pedal harmonium, which somehow has featured on just about every record that has been made here. For anyone who wants to know this sort of stuff, we base our recording around an Allen & Heath ZEDR16 mixer with a selection of mics from sE, Sennheiser, Rde, Shure, Telefunken, Audio Technica and others. The studio Mac runs Digital Performer and a healthy complement of Universal Audio plugins. Monitoring is by Genelec.

rico bell at the harmonium
recording Mekon's Rico Bell on the SoJ harmonium

Tuesday Night is Tunes Night

Giles opens the doors every Tuesday night at 7pm for an evening of singing. With the belief that everyone has the ability to take part in music, Tunes Night is a free to attend, accessible night of group singing, of often well loved songs that will suit the one-off or first time visitor as well as a very friendly group of iaslanders who find their way to the studio most Tuesday nights. We occasionally move to the Sonic Play area at Corran Sands [what is this?], if it's not too windy, midgey, rainy or cold. If you'd like to come the studio and give it a try, just email us to let us know.

tunesnight pic

Staying at Sound of Jura

Quite a few of our clients are solo artists, and we have created a separate space for them to stay in in the old school's annex. It offers a double or twin room, showerWC/wetroom and adaptable small kitchen and dining area. Find out a bit more about that here. We accommodate bands too, opening up two other rooms in the house for to 4 additional people. We are also closely connected to some very nice people in the neighbourhood who do accommodation as well. Catering can be rustled up by visiting bands in our meat free kitchen, while we can also arrange evening meals to be brought in to order as well.

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